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The Axes of Research
Photo Gregor
The Axes of Research PRINT

Laboratory Structure

As a research team, GREGOR brings together all the IAE’s teachers/researchers and doctoral students, and has recently been joined by researchers from outside who want to take part in its work. Without this pro-active involvement, the sheer diversity of the research themes developed at GREGOR could lead to the dispersal of research concentration and resources, and undermine productivity. The profile of the research team rests, at least in part, on its ability to demonstrate the areas of research in which it specialises. This does not, however, exclude the occasional study of topics on the fringe of these areas.

In order to move on from the classic and discipline-based fragmentation that dominated until 2005 (finance, human resources and organisation, marketing, and accounting control), we asked which areas of research would make the most of GREGOR in academic and socio-economic contexts, and which could provide a focus for research subjects proposed by young post-masters researchers, especially doctoral students. The aim is also to make the most of experience and competence already acquired in these subject areas.

2006 was dedicated to organising GREGOR around five thematic axes:

  • Governance
  •  Brand and value 
  • Management tools
  • Restructuring and social responsibility
  • risk and decision-making

Founded on the experience of the Institute's teacher/researchers, this organisation raises the profile of the IAE within the academic community and with businesses. It gives direction for the recruitment of new teachers/researchers, and is designed to improve the production and the efficacy of research work.

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