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The Brand and value Axis
Photo Gregor
The Brand and value Axis PRINT

Scientific Project

Scientific Head : GERALDINE MICHEL

The central issue for this chair is to better understand how a brand creates value for the client, the employee, the shareholders and different stakeholders in an organization.
There are five topics :

1.      How to build, manage and develop a brand ?

 -          Identity and vision of the brand : The brand is social object that guides and orients individuals‘ behavior. What goes on behind the building of the brand in organizations ?

-          How do we build brand legitimacy ? This research studies the sources of brand legitimacy: why and how a brand becomes legitimate.

-          How do we stretch the brand ? Work has been done on brand extension, product line extension and co-branding.  

2.      How do brands create value for the client ?
The added value of the brand is based on innovation, the consumer brand relationship and the communication, etc.

-          Communication and brand : How do brands communicate and engage with their targets ? These questions have been and continue to be researched by our team.

-          How might we understand the Consumer Brand relationship ?

To reach a better understanding of brand relationship we incorporated various approaches e.g. social psychology, anthropology, semiology and consumer behavior.

-          Are brands more important to particular sectors of activity ? Can we speak of activity-specific brand management ? (Public brands, B to B brands)

3.    How do brands become a management tool for organizations ?
Because the brand is, at the same time, unique and plural and also symbolic and functional, it is a powerful lever in the management of the company.

-          How do brands motivate teams ? Particularly, how can a brand focus energies to deliver the right offer to the clients ? How to develop the brand that can play this motivational role ?

-          How does a brand become central to the internal communication of companies ? A brand becomes a symbolic tool that communicates the values and culture of the companies. How do we develop efficient internal communication tools ? How do we translate the brand values into attitudes and behavior for the employees ? These questions fascinate our team.

4.    Intangible asset : How do we determine the value of a brand ?
Today, financial analysts consider brand equity to be the principal market-based asset of a company. But some questions remain.

-          What is the link between the marketing criteria and the financial value of the brand ? What is the “true value” of the brand ? We try to answer this question and to identify new criteria to evaluate the brand values.

-          What is the link between brand strategies and the market value ? Do some brand strategies such as brand extensions, have a more positive impact on the market value of the company ? How do financial markets react to brand management ?

5.    Branding laws : How do we protect brands ?
Despite a clearly define legal framework, important legal questions arise every time a brand is used.

-          What are the essential legal tools in the development of brand ? How do you manage to change a brand name in the case of franchise ? And what legal framework makes partnership and co-branding strategies durable ?

-          How do we protect a brand ? How to protect brand against counterfeit ? How do we protect brands against the use made by internet users ? Work is in progress.


The research of Brand & Value Chair is presented during monthly research seminars.
Most of the researchers work with co-authors often outside of IAE, which shows their incorporation into national networks. They are also members of national and international learned societies (Association Française du Marketing, European Marketing Academy, Academy of Marketing Science).
The researchers are also members of the editorial boards of national and international journals (Recherches et Applications en Marketing, Décisions Marketing, European Review of Applied Psychology).
Among the invited professors are : Sevgin Eroglu (GSU, Atlanta), Barry Babin (Louisiana Tech University), in casino online Nederlandsegokken NL Søren Askegaard (University of Southern Denmark), Eric Arnould (University of Wyoming) et Ana Marchova (Université de Prague).

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